Saturday, July 4, 2009

Yes, this blog is still here

I found this at a yard sale.
It was $1.00
It is old...and as much as I want to paint the frame WHITE,
it is a original, the painter is gone.
I think my cottage will be a little this and that
to accomodate the beauty of things and not everything
so matchy matchy...
I am tooooooo practical to start over.

Found this Tiffany lamp on Craig's list..
My sister has already painted this table for me
a OFF-white..
btw..since our "new to us" living room is
sooooo large, we have made it
into two distinct spaces..
Still so much to do..but it is getting so much better.
It feels like HOME !!!


  1. Deby,
    Love the picture...Can't believe it was a dollar! I have to say that I have the same lamp~ I love tiffanys and my decor is mix and match country.

  2. Love both the old picture and the tiffany ~ I have a "faux" one and it's special too :o)


  3. Great Stuff Deby. Love the painting and the lamp. Are we going to get to see the table painted? I love white painted furniture but like you we have a mix...eclectic I guess! :)