Sunday, August 16, 2009


This year
it seems like a zillion projects have gone at our
*new to us* home
Let's see:
roof repair
new toilet
outside painting
new closet
new light fixtures
and now
so....I can be pushed up it
with my wheelchair for the next few weeks...
I need to get some more current pictures...
It is hard for me to post pictures of mess !!!
and best of all
a PINK kitchen

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I am thinking

I am thinking of making this a
blog about my *everyday*
stuff here at home...more of a FB
type thing..or thinking out loud?
The thought just came to me this morning
and for the few people that read this blog--
any comment ?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Yes, this blog is still here

I found this at a yard sale.
It was $1.00
It is old...and as much as I want to paint the frame WHITE,
it is a original, the painter is gone.
I think my cottage will be a little this and that
to accomodate the beauty of things and not everything
so matchy matchy...
I am tooooooo practical to start over.

Found this Tiffany lamp on Craig's list..
My sister has already painted this table for me
a OFF-white..
btw..since our "new to us" living room is
sooooo large, we have made it
into two distinct spaces..
Still so much to do..but it is getting so much better.
It feels like HOME !!!

Friday, March 27, 2009


This is our little Chloe.
This sofa and matching loveseat will be in 1/2 of
our living room.
Progress has been slow--my beloved works full-time,
we had to get out of the other house, we then had contractors here doing some
things we couldn't. We both got the *bug* that is going around and we were
sick for weeks. My husband will be off this week to do some intense work
on our *new to us* home. He has done some outside stuff as the weather allows.
We are enjoying the amount of space we have.
I have much work to do, but for months this fatigue has taken over so much of me.
Just thought I would check in and do a fast post here.
This place has a lot of potential but in the meantime we are enjoying our home
as is, and no what ? That is okay with me.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

to assist homemakers

I got this link for Printables, for almost any reason.
Lists, all kinds of neat things
Think it is a good thing

It is slow going

Well I will tell sure learn patience when you are sick and trying to get settled.
We are also , or I should say, my husband is in the process of working a bit on our other
home to get it ready to sell. So we are living the best we can, unsettled but glad to be here.

We are looking at the big picture:
Jesus.....He has to be first. Time in the WORD and in Prayer
Health.....Gotta take care of that or what is the use
Jim's job....he is our provider
House....when it gets done it gets done.
Keeping things in order .....and not coveting projects done or
even things I would like for this new abode takes some working at.
God is Good...this I know for sure.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Our new house

We are in a new to us house. It needs much much work. It is on a bit of a hill, incline.

Can you guess why I named this house Hill~Light Cottage ?