Saturday, January 24, 2009

It is slow going

Well I will tell sure learn patience when you are sick and trying to get settled.
We are also , or I should say, my husband is in the process of working a bit on our other
home to get it ready to sell. So we are living the best we can, unsettled but glad to be here.

We are looking at the big picture:
Jesus.....He has to be first. Time in the WORD and in Prayer
Health.....Gotta take care of that or what is the use
Jim's job....he is our provider
House....when it gets done it gets done.
Keeping things in order .....and not coveting projects done or
even things I would like for this new abode takes some working at.
God is Good...this I know for sure.


  1. God is very good. Things will come together slowly - just enjoy every minute of the journey.

  2. I just noticed you started another blog...I'm looking forward to following your progress on the 'new' house. We have moved many times and renovated many house. It's a lot of work...but we love it! The house we are living in now, we built our selves.

  3. PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!
    That pink teapot and the white it :):)

  4. Thank for your post~ It is so timely and husband lost his job several weeks ago and we only have his part-time salary. wow...what a challenge it has been. But~ God is meeting our needs on a moment by moment basis and this is stretching our faith to say the least...but through it all He is faithful~

  5. love the pic of the kitchen !
    I want your lights over the counter !:_)